Wildlife Protection Solutions


Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS) is an international non-profit organization that provides technology and resources for the conservation of endangered species. WPS prevents poaching through the use of early warning security systems in key habitats, as well as commissions and equips ranger teams to interrupt wildlife crime. WPS also focuses on the implementation and testing of field tools such as long range communication systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, app development, and educational resources.



wpsWatch utilizes remotely deployed field cameras to transmit real-time images of wildlife and potential human threats to a centralized or mobile monitoring system.

Animal Intelligence
The Animal Intelligence application runs on a large touchscreen and is an interface to optimize animal interactions with computers for the purpose of animal enrichment, entertainment, and research.

Tech Share
With Tech Share, WPS provides equipment and technology to field organizations that protect threatened wildlife.

UAV Program
The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program is comprised of field testing and training for organizations interested in using UAVs, or drones, to locate and protect wildlife.

WPS Apps
WPS apps run on either mobile devices or computer systems and are used for education, identification and protection of wildlife.

Endangered Species
The Endangered Species Portal is a hub that brings together multiple sources of information for education and research relating to endangered species conservation.



You can help WPS’s mission to place cameras and technology equipment throughout the world to help identify and protect endangered species. One hundred percent of your donation goes toward the purchase of field equipment.

 Visit us on the web at: www.wildlifeprotectionsolutions.org